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If you have been visiting Pencils & Pasta before, you know that this is not supposed to be the first entry to this blog. Unfortunately the last 3 years of work have been deleted due to a hack – something to do with an error in a WordPress theme plugin. Whatever happened and whatever the point of it was, the result was an empty blog. Like, completely empty. Wiped clean.

Pencils & Pasta, your custom illustrated recipes, illustrated by me // photo by Annemarie Gorissen

As you can imagine I wasn’t particularly happy about it, but for the most part of that day I thought it could be fixed. Surely the hosting provider has a back up, right? And does (paid) wordpress not backup automatically? Or maybe I just needed to log in somewhere else. It can’t be gone, right? No, no, no and yes. The harsh truth is that I am an idiot for not backing up and being naive enough to have no clue something like this could happen.

Okay, enough. What happened, happened and here we are: a clean slate. If you have no idea what this blog was about, please see the ‘about me’ section. I’ll explain who I am, the reason this blog exists and why you would want to read it. I will be moving to Italy this year, working as a fully location independent illustrator. Exciting stuff!

Centro Storico of Monopoli
Centro Storico of Monopoli / photo by Annemarie Gorissen

We – the boyfriend and I – will be visiting Sardegna again in May. Everything is booked, crossing my fingers this Corona virus is not going to mess with our plans. It would be a shame not to share this trip with you here, so I am starting up the blog again. This trip will be a quite an important one. Last year we’ve narrowed the area down to Sardegna, after visiting Puglia first. And this spring we plan to actually look at several (rental) houses – and practice our Italian for real – and who knows we might come home with a signed contract…

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