Documenting this journey

It’s good to see there are still people coming to Pencils & Pasta, even though all the previous content has been erased. Thank you for that! Maybe it’s these weird times we are living in at the moment or maybe it’s just that this whole hack-thing has been a while, but I found myself thinking about Pencils & Pasta a bit more often recently. So here I am again, typing away. There is one main reason for it, other than to inspire and show you what I am up to.

Documenting this journey
That reason is to have some sort of document of this journey I am on. I like writing about it, I like reading it back and these are the days that count – and that I have literally counted until recently. Our road to Italy may have just become a bit bumpier due to COVID-19, but we’re still on the road to being freelancers living in Sardegna and it would be a shame to not document it.

I have no idea what this crisis will mean – as none of us do. I don’t know how and if it will affect my work as a freelance illustrator, how it will affect our plans to move to Italy in the near future, how it will affect our lives. For now all is uncertain and in that this blog may also be of help. To myself, to keep sane. But it may help you too, who knows?

(c) illustration & animation by Annemarie Gorissen

Back in the saddle
So I’ve decided to get back in the saddle, but make a few (mental mostly) changes. I will let go of the expectation of posting regularly and having to add illustrations and images to every blogpost. It has kept me from writing before because sometimes I had something to write, but nothing to show. Feeling the pressure to also make an illustration to accompany the blogpost I was about to write, made me not write it at all. I’ll add illustrations where I can (or want), but you might see text only posts or image only posts. Whatever I feel like.

The other thing is that – for now – I have no “sign up for the newsletter” option (also too lazy to figure out how to get it back again after the hack). If you have signed up for it before, you won’t be receiving updates any time soon (I’ll sent you one last one to tell you this). Again, this felt like pressure. I didn’t want to bother people with an update when I just wrote a little something silly. You probably get enough junk in your mail box already. You’re more than welcome to have a look whenever you feel like it, but I won’t be inviting you to ‘come and read what I just wrote…’. I appreciate you reading along, but it’s not my goal (anymore).

Bottom line. I will write here whenever I feel like it, whether it’s a well structured blog post or just short line. It could be photos of the Italian places I’ve visited or sketches of an illustration I am working on. My journey, my rules.

Stay sane & healthy!

x Annemarie

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