Piacere per gli occhi: Italian illustrators I love

There are so many great illustrators out there and lots of them show their work online for you to admire and be inspired by. Since I am also learning to speak Italian, I started looking for Italian illustrators in particular. Following their Instagram and reading the captions below their posts is a great way to read some extra Italian on a daily basis.

Here’s a little selection of Italian illustrators that have impressed me.

Riccardo Guasco
is a painter and illustrator from Alessandria. I love his posters, the vintage feel, the textures and the color palettes. Look at the colors of the Bologna theatre poster below. Do your eyes a favor and have a look at his website.

Instagram: #guascoriccardo

Philip Giordano
is an illustrator from Liguria, who now lives in Tokyo. His work is bold and bright with a lot of geometrical shapes. I love his use of texture. His work also reminds me a bit of illustrator Owen Davey (UK). Check out Philips portfolio website to see more of his work. Below you see the work of his that caught my eye in the first place: Beautiful illustrations for Le Petit Prince. Those textures…oh my!

Instagram: #pilipo_

Cecilia Cavallini
is an illustrator from Tuscany who draws these beautiful delicate pencil drawings for kids. I love to translate her captions as she nearly always writes something poetic below her illustrations. You can find lots of her illustrations on her website and she has a blog there in Italian as well.

Instagram: #cecilia_cavallini

Eleni Debo
is not from Italy, but she lives there now. She is a Belgian illustrator who moved to the Italian Alps and now sits there creating beautiful things with a view of the mountains. Inspiring in so many ways. Since she lives in Italy, I think she should have a place in this list. And because I love love love her work of course. Check out her website for more.

A poster of the cyclist below is hanging in our living room! She sells several print in her shop.

Instagram: #eleni.debo

Giulio Castagnaro
is an illustrator who is born and raised in Rome. He draws lots of – disproportional – characters. His illustrations are graphic, flat and colorful. I always love to see how people can be illustrated in many ways. You can find more work on his website.

Instagram: #giuliocastagnaro

That will be enough homework for one day. I can imagine getting lost in all the illustrations of these talented illustrators. It was fun to research illustrators with a specific criteria, narrowing things down and discovering new things. I will definitely dig a bit deeper into the work of all them and of course follow my new discoveries on Instagram.

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