Do. Not. Stop.

I know what the key to success is. And I think you do too. It is very simple and I just need to remind myself every now and then. It is simply ‘do not ever stop’. Do a little something that contributes to your goal, that brings you a little closer, évery síngle dáy. It doesn’t have to be big, it definitely does not need to take all day. It could be as simple as reading a blog post about the subject. Writing down a list for tomorrow. Just keep doing it and never stop. Because if you do thát, all those little steps will add up. A year from now you wish you started today.

Thinking back on all big (or small) ideas and new projects that didn’t really go anywhere for me, it is very clear that the main reason they did not work was because I stopped. I stopped investing time, I stopped caring. I got lazy. Sometimes I gave up or didn’t feel like it anymore. And sometimes life got in the way and I just forgot all about it. The trick is to keep your motivation going and I guess that’s what I am doing right here. Writing it down, reminding myself. It is all me. I am the only one in the way of any project becoming successful.



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