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I like this idea of being on the metaphorical road to somewhere. The journey is where it’s at. In the literal sense I always used to love being on the train or in the car – on my way to work or even to friends – and not wanting to arrive, not just yet. I like being on the road, on my way. And when it comes to the metaphorical road, isn’t that where the magic is at? Growing towards something, enjoying the view, feeling the excitement of arriving. By all means look around and soak it up once you arrive, but it’s never really the final destination. You always reach a little further, take another trip, set another goal.

I never got off any road, obviously, this road to Italy turned into this road on Sardegna. And creatively I am exploring new roads as well. You may have seen a little bit of it on Instagram lately. A little over 2 months ago, right after returning from a family visit to The Netherlands and an inspiration filled trip to Tuscany, I dove straight into learning Adobe Illustrator and (repeat) pattern design. I decided to join Bonnie Christine’s Immersion course and I can now proudly say I that I feel confident in Adobe Illustrator and learnt a ton about designing repeat patterns, thinking in collections and finally also about pitching to clients and getting licensed. Even though I am not ready for that part just yet, I ám ready to call myself a pattern designer.

I am excited for what’s to come. Besides getting very familiar with Adobe Illustrator – and actually really starting to like it – I have made a full pattern collection in 2 colorways (it’s all about birds and aspirations) and I have started on the second collection. I want to make 3 of them and then start with the presentation: add it to my website and design a beautiful portfolio to start pitching to clients.

I hope you will enjoy this new creative road I will be sharing a little more of over time. For now I’ll be in my creative bubble, testing out ideas and creating all the things I want.

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