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Okay, so here’s the long version of me and why I have this blog.

My name is Annemarie, 37 years old. I live in Rotterdam (the foggy image on the left) in The Netherlands in a small apartment in the city centre with boyfriend M. I am the youngest of three, with one brother and one sister. No pets, no kids, lots of freedom, pencils and plants!

I work as an independent illustrator and graphic designer with a love for travel, food and pretty things. And with pretty things I don’t mean shiny watches or expensive bags. I mean beautiful illustrations and designs, photography, magical gradients in the sky (image on the right) and yes, maybe those cute little hand made espresso cups that were a little bit pricy, but sooo pretty.

A simpler life: more nature and less concrete, more time and less stress, more sun and less rain. La bella vita, si?

I work mostly from my studio at home and the plan is to change the location of ‘home’. That’s where Italy comes in. I love that place. I love the language, the food, the sun, the ocean. And M and I want to live there within a certain amount of time. A simpler life: more nature and less concrete, more time and less stress, more sun and less rain. La bella vita, si? Obviously that doesn’t happen over night and we will definitely not go unprepared. So there’s work to do. Learning Italian, making sure we can both do most of our work from anywhere in the world (read: Italy), so we won’t be eating bare pasta without any wine. Impossible! And figure out where we want to live. Quite important.

This blog is about my life as an illustrator and this adventurous road to Italy. I’ll show you my work and how it’s made. You will read about the materials and programs I use. I will show you what inspires me. You can join me while I figure out how to earn a passive income and how I am about to change the way I work to being location independent. But it’s not all work related, you can join me here while I go back to school to learn Italian. And of course, you can tag along while we go to Italy and find the perfect spot.

I hope to inspire you to live your life to the fullest and follow your dreams. Please feel free to leave a comment and inspire me with your own story.

x Annemarie

PS. I love to draw your recipe! Go directly to the recipe section.

You can find more about me and my work at
annemariegorissen.com > portfolio website
instagram.com/annemarie_illustration > my illustration account
etsy.com/pencilsandpasta > my etsy shop
society6.com/annemariegorissen > my illustrations on products
facebook.com/pencilsandpasta > my facebook page
behance.net/infobda54989 > my behance portfolio

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