I’d like you to know about a thing called blackout poetry

I stumbled upon this recently and I couldn’t stop scrolling through these Instagram posts and smile at the clever, beautiful, funny, romantic and sometimes a bit sinister poetry made this way. The idea is really simple, you take a page from a book and find words there that could make up a little poem. Black out the rest and there you go: blackout poetry.

Some of these pages are just gorgeous, using needle and thread or painting and illustrating around the poem. I really enjoy reading them and I thought you might too. I feel like giving it a try myself, but for now here’s a few gems I found online.

I can hear a whisper in my head, my past and future things I had. A closed gallery of endings reminding me over and over and over that I’m mad. // @raytay88
And here you rise. Magnificent as the sun. // @foolishfancy
Lie unclothed, east to west. Bare arm of the girl, breath of the boy. Sweatings and fevers, the head is free. Smoother than ever, chemistry. // @foolishfancy
Follow wherever fact may lead. // @foolishfancy
Her heart oppressed a shadow upon the horizon. // @fade.into.a.blackout
Shhhh, may I suggest that you keep plans for the future to yourself. // @heathofthesea
Billion volts high. Turns out to be a fine way of living. // @foolishfancy
We belong together like wrinkles and white hair. Like marijuana and giggle. // @foolishfancy

If you want to read more, just go to Instagram and search for #blackoutpoetry, #makeblackoutpoetry or #erasurepoetry. The artists shown above can be found here:





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