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That custom recipe – and all those other things – time of year

It’s that time of year that I know is coming all year long and when it’s there I’m always a bit overwhelmed with all the work. It’s not just that Pencils & Pasta is busy with custom recipe requests, but also just design and illustration work in general. I don’t know what it is with October and November but they just do not have enough hours in the days or days in the month.

And then comes January and I start worrying – every time, 7 years in a row! – if things will be okay because it sooo quiet. Even though I know it’s temporary and I should just enjoy that time to myself after working so hard in the last quarter of the year, I just don’t seem to learn. Maybe that needs to be my new years’ resolution: Enjoy the quiet times! 

In January I start worrying – every time, 7 years in a row! – if things will be okay because it sooo quiet. I just don’t seem to learn.

That’s also the reason why it has been quiet here for a bit, while I’ve been really busy with lots of things I wanted to show but didn’t know when. I’ve been screen printing golden stuff – on my own! I’ve been drawing lots of editorial illustrations, designing pages for magazines and newspaper supplements. I’ve survived a bathroom renovation while working at home. Studying Italian. Doing lots of admin. And I (well, we) have been to Scotland for M’s birthday: a short, but incredible trip to the West Highlands by train!

The blog subject list is getting longer and longer, but I’ve heard I got some extra time in January…

And of course: custom illustrated recipes. I’ve made about a dozen in a short period of time and they will all be under someones Christmas tree next week. With the risk to ruin a surprise or two I am going to show you a couple of them anyway. 

I’ve got some original requests this year: popcorn…

…a special one with grandpa in it and lots of personal references…
..and when I read ‘Pear Salad’ this was not what I was expecting!

After all the Christmas dinner parties we’ll be spending the days around new years’ eve in France with friends. So for now I’m wishing you a delicious Christmas dinner, lovely holidays with friends and family and a fabulous new year. 

Ti auguro un buon Natale e un felice anno nuovo!

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