It ís all gold that glitters this holiday season

Now it’s nearly Christmas and most of our friends and family have received our holiday wishes, I think it’s safe to show you what I made. For those abroad, sorry to spoil the surprise…. I started this quite a while back, during my last screen printing lesson. And finished it all by myseeheeeelf (yeah, Bridget style…). That did not just go smoothly, as was to be expected.

Finishing the screen print all by myself did not just go smoothly, as was to be expected.

In the final lesson of the introduction course, things were looking very promising. Sure, I had a few misprints, but the first layer in gold looked fabulous. When I was ready for the second layer things started to get a bit messy. The teacher blamed the 43 mesh (and me of course) and suggested I’d try a (finer) 100 mesh another time to finish them. Golden ink usually takes a different mesh because it needs to transfer the little golden particles as well. After messing up a few of my perfect half finished cards I decided to give up. For now.

half of the christmas card
Just before printing the second – dark blue – layer on top of the gold // photo by Marianne
The cards with the second layer printed // photo by Annemarie Gorissen

But ‘next time’ also meant screen printing all by myself. No more help, maybe not even anybody there at all. I started off picking the wrong size screen, too small. Oops. But that was easily fixed. I struggled a bit with adjusting the table, but still no real problems. But when I was all set and actually started printing, I couldn’t seem to get my two layers to fit. While my plastic sheet with fitting marks that I printed right before said that it did. Or at least should… I don’t know what moved and how, but this wasn’t even close. That happened about 4 times more, until I had 5 plastic test sheets. I’m still not sure what was wrong, but finally it seemed to work.

It ís all gold that glitters… // photo by Annemarie Gorissen
A little hidden message // photo by Annemarie Gorissen

It was only after I had cleaned everything and my prints were dry I discovered my mistake…

Alright, now that I was on track again: on to the ‘best prints’ I selected from the first round with the golden print. I was happily printing one sheet after another and excited about the results. It was only after I had cleaned everything and my prints were dry that I discovered my mistake… After the test print you need to tape your fitting marks so they don’t print on your final artwork. Obviously. So now all of my Christmas cards now have this little stamp of rookie-ness on it. Whatever, one of a kind, right?!

1/2 tsp of melted gold // photo by M

The next creative project involving the Christmas cards was the golden seal I wanted on the envelopes. I bought the golden ‘wax’ online in the form of a stick and I found myself a nice little coin to stamp the seal with. I looked like a mad scientist with my 1/2 tsp of golden wax and a lighter, dripping blobs of gold onto the envelopes. And besides the smell and a little burnt finger here and there, I loved it. I hope all the recipients do to.

Melting the gold // photo by Annemarie Gorissen
And the result of pressing a foreign coin into the hot wax // photo by Annemarie Gorissen
The complete set: the cards, the golden seal and the golden handwriting on the envelopes // photo by Annemarie Gorissen
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2 thoughts on “It ís all gold that glitters this holiday season

    1. Gedoe wil ik het niet noemen, een hoop werk wel. Maar superleuk om te doen natuurlijk, een hoop van geleerd en zelf ook tevreden met het resultaat. Daar gaat het stiekem toch eigenlijk om…

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