Is there anybody who speaks Italian?

Italiano, anyone?

The first real Italy preparation, aside from going on trips to explore where we want our new home to be, is starting this Tuesday. We enrolled ourselves in a beginners class Italian. There are 6 other students beside us, who are probably all of a respectable age, since we chose the class in the middle of the day. We’ll be taking 1,5 hour classes every week for the next 6 months. And probably another 6 months after that and another…. 

Vintage travel poster of Sardegna
Click on the poster to go to the webshop where this one’s for sale.

So by spring next year we should be able to have some sort of conversation in Italian other than ordering from the menu. And that’s perfect timing, because right after we finish our final class we plan to head over to Sardegna and continue our search for the perfect spot. 

For now I am all set. I bought myself a beautiful notebook and found a little Italian language guide for 25 cents in the thrift shop. Me ne rallegro!  

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