My top 10 Instagram illustration inspiration

Instagram. I love it. And I hate it. It inspires me, it makes me happy, it entertains me. But it also makes me waste time I’d better spent drawing and it definitely makes me feel insecure at times. I love to see the most talented illustrators do their thing, but I’m only human and I would lie if I’d say it never leaves me feeling inadequate. Even though I believe there’s room for everyone and especially in illustration you should just do you. Which makes it impossible to do it wrong. Practice, experiment, fail, learn, succeed, be proud, work hard, be kind and most of all be you.

I’ve read a lot of interviews with the most talented illustrators and they all – to my surprise – say that there is some point in the process they feel like they really cannot do this.

But still. So yeah, mixed feelings. Most of all it’s a source of inspiration. I know very well that there’s a whole process with insecurity, ugliness and mess before that polished final artwork appears on Instagram. I’ve read a lot of interviews with the most talented and experienced illustrators and they all – to my surprise – say that there is still some point in the process they feel like a big fraud and like they really cannot do this. That ‘who am I kidding?’…Familiar feeling, huh? So sometimes you just need to stop comparing. You are not competing and you don’t have to. Do you.

My top 10 instagram illustrators inspiration
My top 10 instagram illustrators inspiration

With that being said, there are so many incredibly talented illustrators out there. I would love to share my top 10 favorite illustrator accounts on Instagram. The ones leaving me feel inadequate, but they are the same ones that inspire me to do my very best. Please feel free to add some tips in the comments!

Okay, here we go in random order.

hello_kaczi (Magda Kaczanowska, Poland)
The pastel colors, the simplicity, the textures. I love everything about this.

instagram account of Hello_Kaczi
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mongequentin (Quentin Monge, France)
Girls, girls, girls.

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skinkeape (Marianne Gretteberg Engedal, Norway)
Quirky, messy, funny pencil drawings in sweet pastels.

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tomhaugomat (Tom Haugomat, France)
Stripping things to their essence. Dreamy landscapes, limited color palettes and textures. Love it.

instagram account of Tom Haugomat
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chaosego (Suvorova Anastasiia, Russia)
No lines, all textures. Gorgeous.

Instagram account of Suvorova Anastasiia
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rmayani(Rafael Mayani, Mexico)
I fell in love with his black, white and golden watercolor project for inktober

The instagram account of Rafael Mayani
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aterlierhu (Elena Hü, UK)
I’m inventing a new word for her: architexture

Instragram account of Elena Hu
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markconlan (Mark Conlan, Australia)
Colorful and whimsical with delicious textures. Lots of sketches and process videos.

Instgram account of Mark Conlan
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owendaveydraws (Owen Davey, UK)
Geometrical, stylized and balanced characters.

Instagram account of Owen Davey
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mrtomfroese (Tom Froese, Canada)
Pointy noses and pointy shoes. I love his quirky characters. And his textures. And his colors. And his Skillshare classes.

Instagram account of Tom Froese
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Show them some love and follow them on Instagram. And while you’re at it you may want to have a look at my own Instagram account. Thank you!

annemarie_illustration (Annemarie Gorissen, the Netherlands)
Lover of textures, pastels and maps.

Instagram account of Annemarie Gorissen
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