I’ve added some new cards to the shop!

I’ve been designing new postcards. After getting them all printed, I ended up fighting with the white balance in my camera. I guess it was the white background I wanted to use that made everything look blue. So far for SLR cameras and natural light. Apparently I have some learning to do. Eventually I ended up using my iPhone and my good old wooden background in the light box to shoot these cards. Now I am finally happy enough with the result to add them to the shop. Cheers to that!

So here they are, brand new designs and brand new photos. They’re only €1,50 each, you can get them in my Etsy shop or by sending me a note in the contact section here on the blog!

get well soon postcard by Pencils & Pasta
Sad Radish / Get Well Soon
postcard Hello Vintage Typewriter, old Remington by Pencils & Pasta
Hello vintage typewriter
Postcard Love Hands by Pencils & Pasta
Love Hands
Thank you postcard, smile by Pencils & Pasta
Thank you
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