Pilates ladies, a repeat pattern

A little over a year ago I was on a quest finding an activity to build strength and keep everything from going south (damn you, thirty-something) that did not involve being surrounded by sweaty men pumping iron. No gym, please. But I did want something regular that would actually be affective and hopefully addictive. I found Pilates.

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My Pilates postcards
The Pilates cards in my Etsy shop (click on the image to visit)  // illustration and photo by Annemarie Gorissen

I have never been a team sport kind of girl. I used to do competitive swimming and now I cycle or run. Solo. I like it that way. The downside being you also need to motivate yourself. First to actually start and second to keep going. I’m working on that.

I was getting stronger. I nearly imagined myself in my seventies, all strong and lean and at least 5 inches taller.

Pilates fitted in quite well. I had a weekly class with about 10 other people. Usually 9 girls and a guy. But nobody’s asking for team spirit and basically it’s just you and your mat. And the teacher. And I actually liked it – except for the leg exercises (I guess my hips are just not built for Pilates) – and I felt I was getting stronger. I nearly imagined myself in my seventies, all strong and lean and at least 5 inches taller.

But I quit after 7 months. Not because I stopped liking Pilates, but the studio decided to increase the price of membership with 10% after only two months, while I signed a contract for 6 months at a certain price. Apart from that being illegal, all communication about it was terrible and the teacher disagreed with me disagreeing. Frustration is not exactly what you want to bring to your weekly Pilates class. So that was that.

The Pilates totebag, iPhone skin, carry-all-pouch and backpack in my Society6 shop. (click on the image to visit)  // design by Annemarie Gorissen

But I learned the basics and I bought myself a mat. To remind myself of the different exercises I illustrated a couple of them. These Pilates ladies are available as a postcard, as a totebag and more.

Now I listen to a different Pilates teacher on YouTube every now and then. And the only frustration on my mat are those damn leg exercises.

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