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Changing the game: progresso per favore!

I could call this the week of the quitter. And I am quite happy with it. A few days ago I decided to quit my once a week bike courier side hustle and focus more on what I need to do for that whole working-from-home-and-earning-a-passive-income-thing. Tomorrow is my last day and I pray for a bit of farewell sunshine.

The other thing I quit is our Italian class at the Volksuniversiteit. Really? Sì, è vero! M and I have been going back and forth about whether to stay with it and pick up whatever little information there still is in those classes or to use that time to do it our – much faster and more efficient – way. Yesterday’s class pushed us over the edge.

We simultaneously rolled our eyes and decided enough was enough

Halfway through another explanation of regular conjugations and definite articles – we covered that stuff 16 lessons ago, people! – we simultaneously rolled our eyes and decided enough was enough. That same afternoon I wrote our teacher an email to let her know that we decided to no longer waste our time and that we will continue studying Italian at our own pace. She totally understood and agreed that these classes might be too slow and too much ‘hobby’ for our goals.

Progresso / photo by Rafaela Biazi on Unsplash / lettering by Annemarie Gorissen

It was coming for a while, so it was no coincidence that I’d been looking for a private teacher over the past few weeks. A couple of days ago I found us an Italian student in our home town via, a website for all sorts of teaching and tutoring. We’ll be having weekly conversations with him after our trip to Sardegna. We’ll do the books, the vocabulary and the grammar ourselves and use our weekly conversations to put it all into practice. I’m very curious to see how that affects our progress.

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