Here you’ll find everything you want or need to know about my custom illustrated recipes. If you still have a question, please do not hesitate to ask (you can fill in the general form here)

Q: What does it cost?
A: One custom recipe is 75 euros. This is including taxes, but without the shipping costs.

Q: I am a company and I would like you to digitally illustrate a recipe for a commercial cause? Can you do that for the same price?
A: No. I would love to illustrate for you, but only for a fair price. I am a professional illustrator and I have an hourly rate that applies when I work for clients and there’s this thing called licensing. You can find me on www.annemariegorissen.com. You’ll get all the benefits of working with a professional illustrator. We can discuss the illustration, you get my advice, I can revise the illustration, you’ll get a press ready digital file or I can arrange all the printwork for you. It depends on what it is you need exactly, but in general prices for a commercial custom illustration start from 400 euro excl VAT. So please do not expect to get a customized illustration for your business for only 75 euro. This is a retail price for consumers only.

Q: Okay, so where do you ship from and how much does that cost?
A: I ship woldwide from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Obviously the shipping costs depend on where you live. Count on about 5 euros for domestic shipping (The Netherlands) and 7 euros for international shipping. If you need track and trace the costs for The Netherlands will be 10 euros and internationally around 20. I will give you the exact figure when you order.

Q: What size is it?
A: The size varies because I use vintage paper taken from old books. But I always try to find paper that is approximately 21 cm x 29 cm (8,3 inch x 11,4 inch). If you need to know the exact sixe before you receive it so you can find a frame for it, you can just ask!

Q: Can I see some more examples?
A: Yes. You’ll find lots of examples at www.drawmyrecipe.com or you can follow my Instagram to see what I’m up to.

Q: How do I order a recipe?
A: By email. You can fill in the form here. Don’t forget to enter all the required information!

After I have received your order, I will send you an invoice. Once this is paid, the order is final and I will proceed with creating your illustrated recipe. Of course you will be updated along the way.

Q: How long will it take for you to make the recipe?
A: It’ll take about a week, after the payment has been received. If I cannot make that due to circumstances I will let you know immediately. That’s without shipping time. For the USA it can take up to 3 weeks to arrive at your doorstep. Make sure you order in time!

Q: Do I get a tracking code for my order?
A: Usually you do not. But if you want to, I can send it with a tracking code. Note that this will increase the shipping costs (see Q&A number 2). A tracking code does not effect how it is sent or when it arrives. It only means it’s registered post and you can follow it online.

Q: What do you mean with vintage paper?
A: I search for old books with blank first pages (leaves) that are a bit discolored by time. I use those to make my prints. Usually they are over 40 years old. That’s why the color, shape and size can vary a bit and the edge on one side is rugged. The photos you see are all vintage paper.

Q: Do I need to frame it?
A: I highly recommend framing it. The vintage paper is delicate and will discolor more over time. To keep your poster in the best shape, you best keep her behind glass and away from direct sunlight.

Q: Can you illustrate specific brands I use?
A: Of course. Let me know what brand it is and add (a link to) an image in the email whenever possible. You can also email an attachment to me after filling in the form. I’ll contact you and you can reply to my email.

Q: Do I get to approve the drawing before you send it?
A: No. I will send you a sneak preview, just to give you a little hint of what I made. But there are no corrections in the final drawing. If I made a mistake or misunderstood something, we can discuss the possibilities. But tastewise… you want me to draw your recipe, so I assume you like my style and trust my judgement.

Q: What are the costs if I want more prints of the same recipe?
A: Email me your request and we can discuss the options.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?
A: No, these illustrations are completely custom. So there’s no returning or refunding.
In the unlikely case something went wrong during shipping and you receive the poster damaged or not at all, I will reproduce your poster and send it again.

Q: Do I have any rights on the illustration you make?
A: No, all the rights are with me at all times. You purchase a print, not the design itself. I can use the design and the recipe poster for promotional activities as I see fit. If you have a legitimate reason for me not to do this, please let me know before I get started. It is possible to receive the high resolution digital file of the illustration, but obviously that will cost extra. Please contact me for the rates on this.

Q: I’ve seen these recipes before, is that possible?
A: It is. I have a website dedicated to these recipes: www.drawmyrecipe.com and I sell them in my Etsy shop. It’s all me!

Q: Can I see your illustrated recipes in real life somewhere?
A: Yes you can! They are hanging on the wall at coffeebar and shop BIJ57 in Voorschoten, The Netherlands.


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