Back to school, pencil case and notebook

Ritorno a scuola, imparare la lingua

I haven’t been in a school environment since erh… 2008 I guess. That’s a ridiculous 10 years ago. I have done a few day courses, a workshop here and there and I even tried to learn HTML and CSS last year, studying at home. Yeah, I said tried. I failed. It takes determination to keep going and in the case of HTML, I honestly didn’t care enough and I lost interest in the subject along with my motivation. 

My favourite pencil case
My favourite pencil case, with a ridiculous amount of pens and pencils in it.

But now I am back in ‘uni’ and motivated. M and I are now officially classmates and we have our minds set on learning to speak Italian fluently – Dutch accent and all, I don’t care. We have a lovely Italian teacher who speaks Dutch with a heavy Italian accent. I find it charming and it makes me feel that it’s okay if my pronunciation is not spot on. Or ever will be. 

One sings opera and wants to know what the hell she’s singing. 

The group is a diverse bunch, with one just looking for something to do after retirement, the other wants to speak a bit of Italian to chat to the new friends she made on her Italian holiday last year. One sings opera and wants to know what the hell she’s singing. One bought an olive yard in Italy and two of them have plans to move to Italy in the near future. That’ll be us. 

Thank God it was nothing like the dream I had the night before: 30+ people sitting in a dirty old and dark room with new moms ignoring their screaming babies in their maxi cosi and me without my notebook and pen, because I forgot to bring it. My brain does weird things when I sleep… As I figured, everybody is over 50 and we’re by far the youngest – besides the teacher. No screaming babies. 

Con Paciere 1. I try to deal with the ugliness of it all. I try....
Con Piacere 1. I try to deal with the ugliness of it all. I try….

The first class was mostly introducing ourselves – in Dutch – and trying some Italian words, a little bit of mumbling zero to venti and getting our first compiti per la prossima settimana. Yes, homework that is. So I spent the afternoon at my favorite Turkish lunch spot around the corner with my nose in my books (and in my couscous salad, baklava and Turkish tea), mumbling zero to venti again while doing my homework.


(In Italy you say ‘good evening’ from about 2 PM onward, but the time also depends on the season as I learned in class. Weird little cultural things I love to learn)

Back to school
Back to school
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