Don’t be shy, show your work!

It started with a set of postcards I drew of my own favorite recipes that I sold on Etsy. Somebody saw it and asked if I could make an illustration of a recipe just like that, especially for them. I thought, that’s a great idea! So I went with it and created an option for a personalized piece of (kitchen) art drawn by me. Yoúr favorite recipe! Or your granny’s famous lemon pie or mom’s chicken roast. On vintage paper! One of a kind in every way. I’ve made well over a hundred of them over the last few years. And got some nice recipe ideas along the way (as well as some horrid ones, cake made with After Eight chocolates, no thanks…)

Details of the custom recipe posters
Details of the custom recipe posters // photo by Annemarie Gorissen

It just goes to show: put your work out there! Show people what you’re doing

These recipes even gave my editorial illustration career a little boost. What happened was this: one of the designers at a magazine I now illustrate for saw my recipes online. She was looking for illustrations for a 9 page fashion production, including the cover of the magazine. Something totally different, but she wanted it to be the style of recipes. So she asked me and obviously I said yes. Lots of commissions followed. It just goes to show: put your work out there! Show people what you’re doing.

AD magazine cover fashion illustration
The cover of AD magazine with my illustration on it  // photo by Annemarie Gorissen

And that wasn’t all. Vegan brand ProLaTerre also saw my custom recipes and wanted me to illustrate the recipes that they had developed with their soy products. A cool and unique way of marketing their product and stand out. And the perfect job for me, because it involves food, illustration ánd graphic design, since I make the whole postcard-flyer-thingy ready for press. I’m the proud owner of a small collection by now…

ProLaTerre recipe cards by Annemarie Gorissen
The recipe cards I made for ProLaTerre, front and back. The recipe on the back is hand written // photo by Annemarie Gorissen

So we’re back to the recipes. As I said, I make your personal recipe poster. And it is personal. We’ll be in touch after you have reached out to me. Most customers tell me a little about the background of the recipe, why it means so much to them. And I absolutely love to hear it. It makes drawing it even more enjoyable, because I really feel like I am helping somebody make a special gesture.

Can you imagine how happy the recipient will be when you have something so personal for them with all this time, effort and love put into it?

Whether it’s a house warming, a holiday or a birthday, can you imagine how happy and honored the recipient will be when you have something so personal for them with all this time, effort and love put into it? By you and by me. It could be for keeping the memory of your beloved grandma alive, making you smile everytime you look at it. Or maybe it’s a gift for your loved one, a recipe poster of that first (terrible?) dinner he made you. That personal value, that ‘made for you and you alone’ is what you want in a gift.

Memories. That’s what it’s all about. Collect them and keep them close. Will you let me draw your special recipe? You can find all the info right here.

Custom recipes by Draw my recipe Annemarie Gorissen
A couple of examples of the custom recipes I have made recently  // photo by Annemarie Gorissen
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