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I rebranded my online shop (and former blog) Stoffer + Blik this year into the more international and better fitting Pencils & Pasta. The illustrated recipes, the Italy plans, my illustration work: it all fits perfectly in the new name. But with a new name comes a new logo, a new website and a new style. Out with the old blog, the old brand stamp, the old stickers and the packaging. I renamed my Etsy shop, started this website/blog and ordered a new stamp for my logo from 

Now it was time to get the rest of the packaging thing all set before the ‘crazy illustrated recipe season’ starts and you all want one under the Christmas tree. If you order a custom illustration I want you to receive it like a gift yourself, nicely packaged and carefully branded. Well, I am stepping up my game.

envelope with hand lettering
I always hand letter the address, then add my custom stamp and off she goes!

I read about noissue, a company making branded tissue paper in low quantities. All excited, I started designing my tissue paper from all the ingredients I have drawn for all your recipe requests. It took me days to get this 50 by 60 centimeter pattern design with all hand drawn food illustrations on it. It’s pixel based, turns out they vectorize everything before printing. That wasn’t working with my design – it looked like sh*t – and I had to cancel the order. Crap.

To test the design, I’ve printed it at home on tracing paper and it actually looks really good to me. Unfortunately I can only print A4 size and that’s nowhere near big enough… 

I printed my original design on tracing paper. I love that transparancy.
I printed my original design on tracing paper. I love that transparancy.

What I also ordered and didn’t cancel, were the stickers to go with the paper (what paper?). I got mine at and I love them. I’ve ordered stickers from them before and am very pleased with the quality and I like their website. You can have several designs in one pack, which is a blessing and a curse. I couldn’t decide on the final design, so I ended up ordering (nearly) all of them. Now I need to make that decision every time I wrap one of your orders.

The yellow stickers work really well on the transparant (tracing) paper.
Testing out the (fake) paper and the stickers.
 I’m not sure if the actual tissue paper will look anything like this. I ordered a sample pack. 

On the top of my to do list is making a vector based version of my design – so the stickers won’t feel so all alone – and I need to do it before October when the first holiday orders start coming in. I’m off to Spain for a few days to visit a friend and then back to work! 

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