PTT’s vintage illustration inspiration

Back in the 70’s, before the Dutch postal service changed its name from PTT to TPG to TNT and now to PostNL (yeah, we are all still a bit confused…) they published this beautiful quartets game about their services. I found my set in one of Dordrecht’s countless second hand shops. While treasure hunting I picked up this red and green cardboard sleeve. Looking at the color and the design of it, I never expected to find inside what I did. The cards themselves are all beautifully painted in gorgeous colors, while the sleeve itself is illustrated in a totally different, very graphic style. It was really a hidden treasure.

I love looking at all the gorgeous details, this must be one of my dearest illustration inspiration finds. Have a look and feel inspired! I am off to Stockholm for a week, so who knows what treasures I’ll find there…

I cannot find who illustrated these cards. If you know his/her name, please tell me in the comments! The illustrations are made by graphic designer, lino cutter and lithographer Harry Disberg, who also designed PTT’s iconic logo (and a very pretty stamp for the Olympic Games of 1956).

PTT quartet game illustration of a mailman

PTT quartet game illustrations

PTT quartet game illustrations, the icons

The quartets game by PTT is beautifully illustrated

PTT quartet game illustration

PTT quartet game illustration

PTT quartet game illustration

PTT quartet game illustration

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